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Andrea Camastra on the list of the 100 best chefs in the world. An Italian fell in love with a Polish woman

“His skills are appreciated by the most eminent gourmets and culinary critics. Andrea Camastra is a talented Italian who not only develops a passion for cooking on Polish soil, but also found love. The master chef’s partner, Anna Rząsa, told about the circumstances in which their feelings were born. “


Design Your Life

A chef with a passion for music – a culinary symphony with Italian roots – Andrea Camastra

“Andrea Camastra is one of the best chefs in the world. In today’s episode we’ll talk about his love of food and passion for music. The interview is in English, but you can watch it on YT with Polish subtitles.”



Coffee is like a religion

“He is considered one of the most talented and progressive chefs in Poland. He masterfully combines Italian and Polish culinary traditions, giving them a new, personal sound. Małgosia Minta talks to the Lavazza brand ambassador Andrea Camastra, chef and founder of the Nuta restaurant, about the rituality of food, the role of tradition and innovation in the kitchen, and the love of Italian espresso.”